Lee Starv ft. King Deepar – Broken Heart

Lee Starv

It’s the first time I finally got to sit and have a chat with a lady (not literally). I sat down with a lady by the name of Lee Starv and she has just dropped a very touching single, Oh Lord! She lent her vocals on the Spiro Beats produced beat. King Deepar also featured on the track with a very Lit verse.

The song is rap infused RnB on beat with hi-hats, snares and a soothing piano melody. This is one of those Lit chilled tracks you can dedicate to your ex or the lover you’re trying to get back with.


Download, stream, listen and drop your thoughts in the comments box.

Wait! Don’t leave yet, read on…


I also had an interview with her and this is how it went…

Who is Lee Starv?

Lee Starv’s real name is Lerato Vuyisile Ndlala. I’m 22 years old and originally from mpumalanga but currently in Durban due to studies, am a student at Mangosuthu university of Technology doing public Management. The name Lee starv is short for Lerato(Lee), Ndlala which means starvation (Starv) that’s how I came up with the name Lee starv. I am ambitious about things… especially music.

When did you start doing music?

I started doing in 2011 but I never real put much of effort in music due to lake of resources and knowledge… Music then was just for fun and entertaining people.

Whom do you look up to?

I’ll have to go Gigi for me…cause I feel like I know her hustle

So how do you plan on making it in this make dominated industry?
Well… I have to be passionate and keep on doing what I know best. I know am ambitious and also driven by passion. So to make it in this industry I have to do not what’s best for me but people also ’cause I believe that without them there won’t be me, and in this industry you deal with a lot of different people…lucky for me I’m a people’s person. So people’s support and faith and me being dedicated to my music in putting a little different taste there and there I know I’ll make it.

What advice would you give to someone who is like you? (Still new.)

To someone who is like I’ll say, we all have to start from bottom up…am not saying it’s gonna be easy ’cause it’s not. Sometimes i’ts draining and it can be very depriving, obstacles will always be there but they not there to stop you but-there only to make you stronger. Someone sometimes says ” if you stop at very dog that barks you will never reach your destination.” Be patient and humble yourself, be strong and believe that your day to shine is coming, never lose hope but tell yourself you better than you were yesterday.

Wise words from a young lady. What you like to tell your fans?

I would like to tell my fans (although I prefer to call the supporters) that I wish for them to give me their full support ’cause I know without them I’m nothing. I wish that we meet each other with good music, music that gives comfort and consolation when they feel abandoned and lonely, music that will tell a story, music that projects a positive mind to youth.

Thank you for sharing your story

Thank You.

Peep the lyrics here


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