STREAM: Inspekta Oxykhrome – “The Time Machine Vol 1” (Beat Tape)

Inspekta Oxykhrome born  Elongo Monene  26.08.1985 in Kinshasa D.R.C

His mix of rap and reggae dancehall influences makes his music style quiet original.

With an artistic background after high school in a fine art academy (academy de beaux-arts) in Kinshasa that definitely helped shape his musical craft.

2001 he got granted access to one of biggest hip-hop platform (la halle de la gombe) France embassy cultural department programs.

Where he got the platform not only to show case his talent but also to harness it by taking part in workshops and artistic development programs in 2006 he then relocate to South Africa where he saw the opportunity to switch his into the English language in order to expand his audience.

Having both the English and the French rap world kind of gave him a versatile lyrical perspective.

Since the core of his message finds it identity from the responsibility to educate and help those who got no voice.

Inspekta Oxykhrome runs Kabana Sombra Production with a breath taking beat tape project The Time Machine.


The inspiration behind the time machine (beat tape)

“The inspiration behind the time machine (beat tape) project came about the fact that I’ve always been intrigued by the role, or the importance that time holds in  life on earth, and it being the measure unit of human life.

Knowingly through spiritual practices, and super natural possibilities.

Man have travelled in time either to the past or the future and I find it being something any human being would have to be exceptionally lucky to be part of.

Looking at the power that music carries and the place it holds in our everyday space in life.

I decided to create a project that can help me and anybody else who enjoys the kind of music I make to take a trip in time through music.”

Stream, listen and enjoy then share your Lit thoughts on the comments below!

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