INTERVIEW: Ricky Bliss

Today I had a mini interview with Mpumalanga born rapper, Ricky Bliss. He has a new single about Scandal character “Layla McKenzie” played by Durban born actress, Natasha Sutherland. The song eventually reached the ears of Layla and it will officially premiere on the 17th of May, 2017. Here’s how it all went out…

Who is Ricky Bliss?

Ricky Bliss is an mc from Burgersfort, Limpopo who loves music with all his heart.

How did you come up with the stage name “Ricky Bliss”?
Thank you for that question. Well, it was during the pregnancy of my girlfriend and Riky Rick had dropped his album Family Values. In my mind it clicked that I’m about to be a father now all along I had told my self that if it happens for me to have a baby, I will name the baby Bliss. I combined the name Ricky inspired by Ricky’s album with my daughter’s name Bliss and that’s how the name came about.
Superb. When did you start doing music?
I started in 2008

Damn! You’ve  been in this for long. So what made you choose music?
Michael Jackson brah. Back then I used to be a dancer then I thought to my self that if I can dance, I can make my own melody to dance to. The dancing played a part in my music.
Nice. Where do you see yourself in the coming 3 years?
I see myself as a superstar and dawg even now I see myself as one.With #Faith I’ll then venture into being a business man.
You are what I call a music-entrepreneur. And how did the Layla McKenzie song come about?
Layla Layla… I wanted a little change in my music brah so I thought of dropping something catchy. Layla is my favorite actress then I thought, let me do a song about her.
Lit. And when will SA hear this song?
Wednesday May 17th, at 19:30 on bro
Thanks for your time Ricky.
Thank you FAM God bless

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Facebook: Ricky Bliss World
Twitter: @RickyBlissWorld
Instagram: rickyblissworld

Now that you’ve read the article, check out what Natasha Sutherland aka Layla McKenzie thinks about Ricky Bliss!!!

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