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Sbu 2.0

Chicken Licken never ceases to amuse and leave us in stitches whilst also making us fall in love with its ads. From the guy who was carrying monkey like creatures on his back to the Icelandic boy named Bjørgvin to Sub 2.0. It has left us craving for its tasty chicken pieces and its next commercial!

For the latest ad, the agency worked with director Greg Gray from Romance Films to create a quirky comedy about a science teacher who invents a robotic version of himself to fill in whenever the craving strikes. It is perfectly set to Rag’n’Bone Man’s hit song, Human.

We meet S’bu, an unassuming science teacher who’s up to something in his garage workshop late at night, and quickly discover that he has managed to pull off what could possibly be his greatest achievement: using a mismatch of recycled metal and computer parts, he’s created a functioning, somewhat autonomous, robotic version of himself: S’bu 2.0.
The ad plays out a variety of scenarios where the real S’bu has been replaced with his 2.0 version; confusion and chaos ensue.

Says Martin Schlumpf, Joe Public creative director, “With such a proudly South African client, we always try to create ideas that are relevant. We try to showcase real South Africans at the forefront of global playing fields in an entertaining and humorous way. Whether it involves sending a South African to space, a South African archaeologist exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb or. like now, a South African science teacher that has built a real life, functioning, robotic replica of himself, we’re always trying to create a sense of pride and patriotism through our commercials.”


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